Who IS This Wacky, Oil-Obsessed, Herb-Hunting, Fresh Foods Fanatic?

Greetings! I’m Tracy!

Welcome to Karma for Health! The website is up and social media accounts are connected; there are classes to learn more, products to buy, and articles slowly trickling in to read….but I bet you’re wondering, who is Tracy?

Who is this wacky, oil-obsessed, herb-hunting, fresh foods fanatic?

I am a wife and mother of two super-smart, high-energy, boastfully-beautiful (I may be a bit biased) kids. They rule my schedule, but that will work to your advantage! These two are BORN entertainers and can’t wait to help mom teach you all about natural self-care and building a happy, healthy life. Keep an eye out…..they are known to pop up with VERY IMPORTANT “Public Service Announcements.” 😉

I am an avid gardener; although, I have to get creative in the apartment space that we have. I had ZERO luck with container gardening, so I switched to hydroponics and haven’t looked back! Starting in late- January, I’ll share with you how hydroponics works and how you can easily get started at home. You can be enjoying tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and other veggies next summer, from your backdoor!

I am an urban homesteader, dreaming about the day I can return to the country. We will take the yummy fruits and veggies we grew in our hydroponics garden, or picked up at the local farmers’ market, to the table with mouth-watering recipes, tips, and tricks. Coming soon…look out for some cunning canning techniques, while I finish up the last of this season’s applesauce and jelly rations! Perfect for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and always a great gift for anyone on your list.

I am a licensed pharmacy technician. Currently, I work per diem at a local hospital, but before the kids were born, I gained experience in all types of pharmacy settings, including retail, specialty, research, and hospital pharmacies. My love of healthcare, and the power of healing, blossomed during this time, but I also began questioning and challenging the role roll of modern medicine. Personal health challenges left me frustrated with the whole system and doubting the effectiveness of the healthcare industry. Taking matters into my own hands, I’ll share my discoveries in self-care and integrative medicine.

I am a wellness advocate. I have studied aromatherapy, herbalism, and nutrition, and continue to expand my knowledge base daily. My knowledge is your knowledge; I am creating a community where we can all live, learn and share our experiences together for greater understanding. My goal is to educate healthcare professionals, like myself, how to incorporate modern therapies and natural solutions into a self care plan that leaves them feeling refreshed, energized and prepared to meet the needs of their patients with empathy and compassion. Healthcare professionals enter the field to HELP people, but they can’t do that if their own cup is empty!

“Fill your cup first and let the world benefit from the overflow!”

The Healthcare Revolution is upon us! Join me, the wacky oil-obsessed, herb-hunting, fresh foods fanatic, in changing the healthcare industry from the inside out! Once healthcare professionals learn about the amazing benefits of self-care with natural solutions, and how to combine it with modern medicine, we will have a powerful integrative medicine model that will focus on prevention first. Best of all, it will empower each one of us to take back control of our health and the health of our families!

Karma for Health was born from the desire to learn and share from like minded individuals…

…Read more about it here: Live. Learn. Share. The Karma for Health Story

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