[FREE ONLINE CLASS] Green Cleaning with Essential Oils

Essential oils are marvelous for aromatherapy. The health benefits support the mind, body, and spirit in those that enjoy the uplifting, relaxing, and soothing scents on a daily basis. They have even found their place in some kitchens for cooking and baking, adding a twist of flavor with benefits.

BUT – have you considered using essential oils for CLEANING??

Certain essential oils can be extremely helpful in regular cleaning routines because of their natural cleansing and purifying properties. They cleanse surfaces, purify the air, and leave a pleasant aroma that will calm, clean, and refresh your home.

What do you clean your home with now? In addition to all of these great benefits, you can also replace the chemical toxins in your home with safer versions. Start a ripple effect. One drop can create a huge overall effect…on your health, on your home, and on the environment.

For ideas on how to work essential oils into your cleaning regimen, join our GREEN CLEANING Facebook Class to discover the best essential oil cleaning DIYs.

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What is “Going Green” Anyway?

Kari Sammons brilliantly answers this question and offers a few ingenious DIY recipes to help you start your journey. Join our GREEN CLEANING Facebook Class for more tips, tricks, and DIYs!


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