Cooking with Essential Oils: Waffle Delight

Delight Your Senses… Whip up a taste bud pleasing, belly satisfying breakfast of champions. Wild Orange adds a delightfully light, citrus flavor to your morning waffles. Pair with some scrumptious maple syrup, and maybe a twist of whipped cream, to have your family calling you Betty Crocker. Make an oversized batch on a slow morning

Cooking with Essential Oils: Catch of the Day

No Fishing for Flavor Here… Whip up a taste bud pleasing, belly satisfying marinade to brush over your favorite piece of fish. The combination of Lime and Fennel will add a unique twist to a otherwise mundane weeknight dinner. Watch out though! Your family will be begging for more. Every. Day. Get your omega-3’s and

Cooking with Essential Oils: Black Pepper Burgers

Grilling Up a Burst of Flavor… You’re a beast on the grill. You can grill anything. Everyone begs for an invite to your backyard BBQs. You’re about to up your game, friend! These Black Pepper Burgers will fly off your grill so fast that you won’t be able to keep up. On second thought, you

Cooking with Essential Oils: Zesty Guacamole

A Little Zest, A Little Pop… Another party appetizer favorite – guacamole! Turn your average, but yummy I’m sure, guacamole recipe into an irresistible bowl of green goodness with a touch of zest with a handful of pop. A bit of Lime, a little Wild Orange, and a dash of Cilantro create a winning combination

Cooking with Essential Oils: Not Mom’s Meatloaf

An Apology to Mom’s Meatloaf… Dear Mom’s Meatloaf, I apologize for putting this recipe out there into the world. You have been a favorite for a long time. You have been the go-to recipe for years. However, with this one post, I will knock you off the leader board. The Not Your Mom’s Meatloaf recipe

Cooking with Essential Oils: Decadent Fruit Salad

When Fruit Becomes Divine… Divinity is defined as possessing a godlike character; supreme excellence. This fruit salad fits that bill perfectly – the Decadent Fruit Salad would please any god with it’s supreme excellence! Fruit has never tasted like this; with the punch of lime and the rich sweetness of honey, your fruit will sing

Cooking with Essential Oils: Italian Ranch Dressing

Create a Happy Salad… Your taste buds will definitely thank you. Say good-bye to the days of forcing down that plain jane, boring salad; say hello to the irresistible, goodness of a salad with Italian Ranch Dressing. Your co-workers may start to wonder why you are staring at the clock, anticipating lunch time, so don’t

Cooking with Essential Oils: Lime Cilantro Salsa

Freshen Up Your Salsa… Salsa and chips. A staple appetizer at any friendly get-together. Now you can liven things up even more with this Lime Cilantro Salsa recipe! A zest of lime and a burst of cilantro make sure there won’t be any leftovers. In fact, your guests will be begging for more! Let me

Cooking with Essential Oils: Roasted Potatoes

This Spud’s for YOU… Need a delicious side dish for that Lemon Thyme Chicken? Then this spud’s for you! Drizzle the flavorful combo of Dill and Rosemary essential oils over your potatoes before baking for fun surprise! Add to the talk of the BBQ – bring these roasted potatoes along with your chicken! Let me

Cooking with Essential Oils: Lemon Thyme Chicken

A Chicken in Thyme… A whole, baked chicken is a welcomed dinner on any fall night – then add the flavorful combo of Lemon and Thyme essential oils for a burst of flavor to get you through the week! Summer time fun? Brush this savory concoction over a chicken then throw it on the grill.