*BONUS* 365d2ME: Week 3 – Home Inventory

As I was assessing, boxing and banishing, and corralling and controlling my house this week I realized that I could check off another box on my “To-Do & To-Learn” list at the same time. Home inventory. Home inventorying could be a pack rat’s worst nightmare. So why do it to ourselves, right? Well, would you

Fearlessly Surviving Flu Season

We were selling Girl Scout cookies door-to-door this weekend and I couldn’t help but notice that A LOT of people were sick. Peeking through a crack in the door, sniffing and sneezing through her presentation, or texting me from inside to let me know they were quarantining themselves….the majority of our little community as been

Motivational Monday: Learn. Live. Share. The Karma for Health Story

Born from the Desire to Share Karma for Health was born from the desire to learn and share experiences with like-minded individuals. We all “live and learn,” right? When we experience a new health event in our life, we: Research to LEARN more about the problem and its solutions Apply these methods and LIVE with

Who IS This Wacky, Oil-Obsessed, Herb-Hunting, Fresh Foods Fanatic?

Greetings! I’m Tracy! Welcome to Karma for Health! The website is up and social media accounts are connected; there are classes to learn more, products to buy, and articles slowly trickling in to read….but I bet you’re wondering, who is Tracy? Who is this wacky, oil-obsessed, herb-hunting, fresh foods fanatic? I am a wife and

Some Notes on Our Battle with Eczema

During the summer of 2016, my daughter developed a severe case of eczema. Her arms, belly, and legs bore the large brunt of it. Patches would flare up, becoming dry, itchy and often scab over. She would scratch and pick, then it would eventually heal after leaving a light patch on her beautiful caramel skin.

Internal Use of Essential Oils

Is It Safe to Consume Essential Oils Internally? Each type of oil contains a mixture of natural chemical compounds unique to that species of plant and to the environment in which the plant is grown. For thousands of years, humans have ingested plants in the form of food as well as plant parts and extracts

[FREE ONLINE CLASS] Green Cleaning with Essential Oils

Essential oils are marvelous for aromatherapy. The health benefits support the mind, body, and spirit in those that enjoy the uplifting, relaxing, and soothing scents on a daily basis. They have even found their place in some kitchens for cooking and baking, adding a twist of flavor with benefits. BUT – have you considered using