CUSTOM ADD-ON Woodland Armor Rough Hands Cream: Lotion For Hardworking Hands


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Whipped hand cream that prevents cracked hands, works as a hand moisturizer and adds organic value to your grooming routine. Send your loved ones care packages or thoughtful mindfulness gifts.

Self Care at its BEST: Rough Hand Cream

Are your hands cracked and dry? We have you covered! This awesome hand cream will leave your skin looking its best and your hands crack-free every time.

With a fresh, crisp scent, these products will condition your hands, softening and smoothing as it goes!



Hand Cream:
1. Scoop a nickle sized amount and rub into your hands.
2. Let dry before resuming activities.


* Made to Order for Freshness *

* High-Quality, Natural Ingredients *

* NO Preservatives * * NO Artificial Colors *


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