CUSTOM ADD-ON Ginger Lemongrass Sugar Scrub: Promotes Clean And Clear Skin, Fights Eczema And Acne


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Give your skin care a major upgrade! Moisturizes, prevents acne, and helps eczema. Send your loved ones care packages or thoughtful mindfulness gifts.

KfH introduces Lemongrass Ginger Sugar Scrub:

The Lemongrass Ginger Sugar Scrub is a bright and refreshing pick-me-up for all skin types. It leaves the skin feeling clean, clear and revitalized! However, it has also shown tremendous potential against eczema.


* Vegan * * GMO-Free * * NO Preservatives * * NO Artificial Colors *
* High-Quality, Natural Ingredients * * Handmade with LOVE *
* Made to Order for Freshness * * Quick, Friendly LIVE Customer Support *



* Massage small amount into damp skin and allow to sit for 2-4 minutes. Steam in shower or with hot washcloth, then use the cloth tow wipe the residue from the area. Repeat until oil is washed away. * Use Weekly or Bi-Weekly. *



My daughter struggled with severe eczema for almost a year before we discovered this gem!

To start, we bathed her whole body in the Lemongrass Ginger Scrub once every 2 weeks, increasing to once a week during a particularly bad breakout, then decreased back to every 2 weeks again.

Within ONE month, the patches began to reduce in size, the redness lessened, and she complained less often about itchy, dryness. Within THREE months, the eczema patches had disappeared and we continued using the scrub once every two weeks until the skin cleared completely around SIX months.

It was not an overnight process, to be sure, but my daughter's eczema has not reappeared in over two YEARS! **knock on wood!** We have also shared the recipe with several friends who have similarly successful experiences.



"About six months ago, I was talking to Tracy, about issues my husband was having with the skin on his face. We *think* it's eczema, but aren't really certain.
So Tracy sweetly sent us a sample of a scrub (Ginger & Lemongrass Sugar Scrub).
My husband is quite a skeptic, but after my gentle pushing (read: nagging). He tried it. And admitted he thought it may have helped. So he has continued to use it, on a weekly basis. And it's definitely helping! The redness that covered 90% of his face has been reduced to a quarter- sized area on his cheeks. What a huge difference! We have spent hundreds of dollars on dermatologist appointments and medications. Nothing helped. Until now! :)"
-Judy, NC


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