Cooking with Essential Oils: Decadent Fruit Salad

When Fruit Becomes Divine… Divinity is defined as possessing a godlike character; supreme excellence. This fruit salad fits that bill perfectly – the Decadent Fruit Salad would please any god with it’s supreme excellence! Fruit has never tasted like this; with the punch of lime and the rich sweetness of honey, your fruit will sing

Cooking with Essential Oils: Italian Ranch Dressing

Create a Happy Salad… Your taste buds will definitely thank you. Say good-bye to the days of forcing down that plain jane, boring salad; say hello to the irresistible, goodness of a salad with Italian Ranch Dressing. Your co-workers may start to wonder why you are staring at the clock, anticipating lunch time, so don’t

Cooking with Essential Oils: Lime Cilantro Salsa

Freshen Up Your Salsa… Salsa and chips. A staple appetizer at any friendly get-together. Now you can liven things up even more with this Lime Cilantro Salsa recipe! A zest of lime and a burst of cilantro make sure there won’t be any leftovers. In fact, your guests will be begging for more! Let me

Cooking with Essential Oils: Roasted Potatoes

This Spud’s for YOU… Need a delicious side dish for that Lemon Thyme Chicken? Then this spud’s for you! Drizzle the flavorful combo of Dill and Rosemary essential oils over your potatoes before baking for fun surprise! Add to the talk of the BBQ – bring these roasted potatoes along with your chicken! Let me

Cooking with Essential Oils: Lemon Thyme Chicken

A Chicken in Thyme… A whole, baked chicken is a welcomed dinner on any fall night – then add the flavorful combo of Lemon and Thyme essential oils for a burst of flavor to get you through the week! Summer time fun? Brush this savory concoction over a chicken then throw it on the grill.

Cooking with Essential Oils: Spaghetti Sauce

Kick up the sauce… Who doesn’t love spaghetti and meatballs, am I right?! Let me tell you how to KICK it up a notch. Give your next spaghetti dinner a punch of fresh, vibrant flavor with Clove, Marjoram, Thyme, Oregano and Lemon essential oils. Whether you use a jar of spaghetti sauce or your own

Cooking with Essential Oils: FREE Cook Book Download

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