Who IS This Wacky, Oil-Obsessed, Herb-Hunting, Fresh Foods Fanatic?

Greetings! I’m Tracy! Welcome to Karma for Health! The website is up and social media accounts are connected; there are classes to learn more, products to buy, and articles slowly trickling in to read….but I bet you’re wondering, who is Tracy? Who is this wacky, oil-obsessed, herb-hunting, fresh foods fanatic? I am a wife and

Some Notes on Our Battle with Eczema

During the summer of 2016, my daughter developed a severe case of eczema. Her arms, belly, and legs bore the large brunt of it. Patches would flare up, becoming dry, itchy and often scab over. She would scratch and pick, then it would eventually heal after leaving a light patch on her beautiful caramel skin.

Internal Use of Essential Oils

Is It Safe to Consume Essential Oils Internally? Each type of oil contains a mixture of natural chemical compounds unique to that species of plant and to the environment in which the plant is grown. For thousands of years, humans have ingested plants in the form of food as well as plant parts and extracts

[FREE ONLINE CLASS] Green Cleaning with Essential Oils

Essential oils are marvelous for aromatherapy. The health benefits support the mind, body, and spirit in those that enjoy the uplifting, relaxing, and soothing scents on a daily basis. They have even found their place in some kitchens for cooking and baking, adding a twist of flavor with benefits. BUT – have you considered using

Cooking with Essential Oils: Waffle Delight

Delight Your Senses… Whip up a taste bud pleasing, belly satisfying breakfast of champions. Wild Orange adds a delightfully light, citrus flavor to your morning waffles. Pair with some scrumptious maple syrup, and maybe a twist of whipped cream, to have your family calling you Betty Crocker. Make an oversized batch on a slow morning

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Cooking with Essential Oils: Catch of the Day

No Fishing for Flavor Here… Whip up a taste bud pleasing, belly satisfying marinade to brush over your favorite piece of fish. The combination of Lime and Fennel will add a unique twist to a otherwise mundane weeknight dinner. Watch out though! Your family will be begging for more. Every. Day. Get your omega-3’s and

Cooking with Essential Oils: Black Pepper Burgers

Grilling Up a Burst of Flavor… You’re a beast on the grill. You can grill anything. Everyone begs for an invite to your backyard BBQs. You’re about to up your game, friend! These Black Pepper Burgers will fly off your grill so fast that you won’t be able to keep up. On second thought, you

Cooking with Essential Oils: Zesty Guacamole

A Little Zest, A Little Pop… Another party appetizer favorite – guacamole! Turn your average, but yummy I’m sure, guacamole recipe into an irresistible bowl of green goodness with a touch of zest with a handful of pop. A bit of Lime, a little Wild Orange, and a dash of Cilantro create a winning combination

Cooking with Essential Oils: Not Mom’s Meatloaf

An Apology to Mom’s Meatloaf… Dear Mom’s Meatloaf, I apologize for putting this recipe out there into the world. You have been a favorite for a long time. You have been the go-to recipe for years. However, with this one post, I will knock you off the leader board. The Not Your Mom’s Meatloaf recipe